Asimco camshaft(Yizheng. Corporatio)Co., LTD. Is from jiangsu yizheng factory of piston ring and asimco industrial technology corporation(Beijing)Co., LTD. Is a joint venture enterprise,The registered capital1.18One hundred million yuan,The company covers an area of6Million square meters,The construction area3.5Million square meters。The company is located in jiangsu yizheng city automobile industrial park,Is located in the Yangtze river north shore,The east which the historical and cultural city of yangzhou,Adjacent to the six dynasties the ancient capital of nanjing,The transportation is very convenient。
        The company has been in20Years of research and development of camshaft production history,In the cold shock alloy cast iron、Cold shock ductile cast iron、High strength ductile iron、The camshaft and for the development of assembled camshaft steel material、Manufacturing has a deep research and application, etc,It has complex machining of the CAM contour line technology and capability,Work closely and international famous engine research and development center,Successfully conducted many high-end engine camshaft design and development。
        Existing more than ten advanced camshaft blank casting production line、The camshaft machining production line,Capable of producing at present140A camshaft blank、60The production capacity of the finished pieces and the camshaft,The cold shock ductile cast iron and cold shock insulating casting technology has the international advanced level。Cold shock alloy cast iron、Cold shock ductile cast iron、High strength ductile cast iron and steel engine camshaft won international products、Domestic automobile high-end engine company:CUMMINS(All over the world)、IVECO(All over the world)、Fukuda cummins、Dongfeng cummins、Liuzhou cummins、Saic fiat hongyan、Faw tin firewood、South vicao、Weichai Power Co., Ltd、Anhui valin automotive co., LTD、Wood on user acceptance,Parts of the camshaft and become its strategy or important partners。
        Has always been,Companies to implementISO/IATF16949Quality management system 、ISO 1中概美股1Environmental management system、OHSAS18001The occupational health management system,Using the method of scientific management,Adhering to the concept of continuous improvement,The promotion of the competitiveness of the enterprise。
         Constantly create value for customers is the enterprise management aim of the eternal。